About me

John Mulholland has been married to Anne for 25+ years. They have three kids:

  • Katie’s a graduate of Lincoln Christian University- she, her husband Joel and their son Grayson live in East Palestine OH. Katie teaches pre-school and Joel is the Young Adults Pastor at First Church of Christ in East Palestine.
  • Nathan and his soon-to-be wife Breanna live in Oklahoma City; Nate works for a construction business.
  • John 3 is in his freshman year at Nebraska Christian College.

John is the Associate of Family Life and Youth at Worthington Christian Church in southwest Minnesota.

He’s on all of the normal social networking sites…About Me
In his spare time, he runs.

4 responses to “About me

  1. Just purchased yours/Stephanie’s SYMC small church mp3s. It’s great. Is there a link or website that i can access your forms trip spreadsheets, etc. that you are talking about? I didnt hear it on the mp3. Thanks.

  2. “Next Generations Minister”

    nothing of this kind have i heard. I love it

    grace and peace to your family bro

  3. Mountain biking is my hobby. I’ve been known to shovel snow in order to ride trails, so it’s good to find a kindred spirit.

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