Mark 2

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 2:

Jesus frequented a number of different places, making the rounds
Jesus was a sought-after preacher
Jesus, at times, was inaccessible to others
Jesus noticed the faith of people by their actions
Jesus forgave sins
Jesus was perceptive- he know what people were thinking
Jesus called people to account for their thoughts
Jesus healed people physically
Jesus was a teacher
Jesus hung out with the “wrong” people, often
Jesus came for sinners, not the righteous
Jesus did not follow all of the religious rituals of his day
Jesus corrected wrong thinking
Jesus violated the Sabbath
Jesus corrected religious teachings

Mark 1

Things we know for sure about Jesus:

Jesus had a forerunner (someone came before Him, announcing that Jesus was on the way)
Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit
Jesus was from Nazareth
Jesus was himself baptized in water
Jesus was descended upon by the Holy Spirit
Jesus was God’s Son, and God was pleased with him
Jesus went into the wilderness, where he was tempted for 40 days
Jesus proclaimed the Good News- “the Kingdom of God has come near”
Jesus called people to follow him, and then he sent them out
Jesus taught in the synagogue
Jesus amazed his hearers by his teaching
Jesus taught with authority
Jesus told someone to “be quiet” and then cast a demon out of him
Jesus was talked about- he had a reputation
Jesus healed many people and drove out demons
Jesus went out to a solitary place to pray
Jesus said that he had come to preach
Jesus was angry in his compassion
Jesus touched a leper (which made him unclean) and then the leper was healed (and became clean)
Jesus told this newly “cleaned” man to “tell no one” but to go go and follow the Old Testament rituals as a testimony and witness to those rules
Jesus’ instructions were ignored
Jesus stayed in lonely places

What we know for sure about Jesus

Back in 2007, friend Rick Lawrence wrote a book called Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry. I loved it. 2014 brought an updated version, which I recently started reading. The point of Rick’s book is to drive youth leaders to Jesus. When we are driven to Jesus, we will not only be compelled to tell others about Jesus, but we’ll be compelled to make Jesus the focus of our youth ministries.

This is the gospel: Jesus.

One of the tools that Rick gives us is this: “Based on this Scripture passage, what can we know for sure about Jesus?”

Over the next 16 blog posts, I’ll be walking through the Gospel of Mark (NIV Study Bible, 1985), responding to the above question. Perhaps, you’ll read these chapters and come up with something different, or question where I got a response. I’d love to hear about this.

With each passing day, I’m beginning to realize that I need Jesus. Not the Jesus of my parents, my Bible teachers or of my church. I need the Jesus of the Bible because Jesus can stand alone. This is not about rejecting a heritage, faith tradition or the need for community.

It’s just about Jesus.

I would love for you to join me on this journey.


Romans is the story of God’s sovereignty to both Jew and Gentile. It details how He has revealed himself through creation, the law, and finally (and completely) in Christ. The below image was created using each of my chapter summaries, dating back through mid-October.



Romans 16I’m recommending Phoebe to you, she’s a deacon from Cenchreae. Receive and help her.

Priscilla & Aquilla- they risked their lives for me. And, the church meeting in their home, especially Epenctus, the first convert in Asia.

Mary- a hard worker.

Andronicus & Junia- co-prisoners with me, and both Christians before I was.

Ampilatus- a co-worker and dear friend.

Urbanus & Stachys- co-worker, dear friend.

Apelles- standing firm in Christ.

The household of Aristobulus.

Herodion- a fellow Jew.

The household of Narcissus.

Typhena, Tryphosa & Persis- hard-working women and dear friends.

Rufus & his mother- chosen in the Lord.

Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas, Hermas and the brothers and sisters with them.

Philologus, Julia, Nereus and his sister and all of the Lord’s people with them.

Greet one another with a holy kiss, the churches of Christ salute you.

Watch for those who seek to create division, their teachings are contrary to the Good News you’ve heard. Stay away from them. They don’t serve God; they serve themselves. By their slick words they deceive the naive among them. We’ve all heard about your obedience and we are joy-filled because of it. I just want you to be wise about the good and innocent of evil. God will crush Satan.

Timothy, Lucius, Jason and Josipater send greetings.

I, Tertius the scribe, send my greetings.

Gaius, the hospitable one, sends his greetings. Erastus, the public works director sends his regards, as does our brother Quartus.

Now to God, the establisher of the Good News  (that Jesus Christ is Lord and available through faith alone) to the Gentiles- a news once hidden, but now fully being revealed and made known through the writings as His command), to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

-Romans 16