God’s Righteousness

Romans 3Does outward righteousness have any purpose? Why then should we act righteous if it’s really about inward change? What’s the point? Well…we’ve heard the good news and it leads us to do something. Because we are inwardly different, this affects us outwardly. Our response does not change God’s gifting. If we are unfaithful, that does not mean God is. It reveals that God is true and we are the liar. In fact, our unfaithfulness proves that God’s word is truth, making his judgment perfect. If we are liars, does this mean God’s justice is wrong? Unfair? No!

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God’s Law

Romans 2Because you are without excuse, your judgment of others is actually a condemnation of self. God’s judgment is based on truth because of his innocence. Do you think you’ll escape this truth? Or…do you hate him? Ignoring his patience and mistaking it for acceptance? Because you ignore him, and willfully so, His wrath is started against you. You’ll be judged by your words. To those who know their place, He’ll give eternal life. For those who ignore Him, there is death, anger and wrath. Trouble and distress are upon all those who are evil, and glory to all who are good. This is God’s impartiality. Continue reading


I’m currently reading through and studying the book of Romans from the New Testament in the Bible. What follows is my paraphrase of the text, with a summary at the end.

Romans 1

Paul, Jesus’ servant called to be an apostle and set apart for the good news– this same good news that was promised by the prophets in his word. It was all about his Son, a human descended from David-a son through the Spirit as the Son of God himself because he came back to life after being killed. This Son is Jesus Christ and He is Our Lord. Through him…because of him…because his name is at stake, we received grace and were set apart as apostles to call even the Gentiles to obedience, only available through faith. We are all among those same Gentiles: called to belong to Christ. To those in Rome, you are loved by God and called to be saints. Bod God and Jesus send grace and peace to you- vv 1-7. Continue reading

What’s Next?

Several years ago, I went through the book of Galatians from the New Testament, line by line. Over this past Summer, I went through the book of 1 Timothy. I enjoy the challenge of reading through and studying a single book at a time. Coming soon, I’ll be working through the book of Romans in the same way and posting thoughts on that text.

Over the next week, I’ll be in Colorado hanging out with my good friends from Group Publishing as we dream about the Simply Youth Ministry Conference(s) in 2015.

In the meantime, check out those posts from Galatians and 1 Timothy.