The Narrowest of Paths- Not Judging Others

Matthew 7 is disorienting- it begins with Jesus warning against the judgment of others because of our own sinfulness and inability to see past it. With a quick detour about faithfulness on prayer and treating others with an attitude of love, Jesus then talks about:

– the difficulty of even finding, much less living, in God’s kingdom- and how many are on the wide road that leads to their destruction,

– a warning against false teachers and the simplicity of recognizing them because of their fruit,

– the reality that not everyone who calls Jesus “Lord” really belongs to him,

– the real test of our relationship with Christ is what we do with his teachings- we either heed it in the power of the Holy Spirit, or we ignore it.

In a time where I’d rather judge the sinful actions and motives of others, Jesus calls me (and you) to look deeply within and confront the deep wickedness within, repent and live anew.

This is indeed the narrow path, one few find. And it’s why the people were awed by the teaching of Jesus.

May we be awed into obedience.


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