This is NOT all there is

Reading through Mark 5 this morning for our Family Life Small Group- Jesus casts demons out of a man and the demons are allowed to go into a herd of nearby pigs; a woman who had been bleeding for years simply touches Jesus’ clothing and she is healed, and a young girl is raised from the dead. The notes from my Jesus-Centered Bible:
Mark 5:1-17–Essential Question: Is this all there is?
If you study what Jesus does most often in his ministry, you can come away startled by how often he’s dealing with demonic presences in people. Here’s a typical encounter, with a man who is possessed by so many demons that it takes a whole herd of pigs to ‘re-house’ them once Jesus casts them out. If the ‘natural world’ is our only reality, then Jesus must be delusional, because he spends a lot of his time and energy interacting with supernatural beings. It’s actually a heresy to believe that ‘this is all there is,’ because Jesus clearly tells us by his words and actions that there is an ‘unseen’ world that is just as real as the ‘seen’ world.
As I read through this text and those notes today, I come to the reality that there is indeed a shadow world. The evidence of this is the constant evil that men do, driven by a force beyond themselves so much and so often that they’ve simply given themselves over to it- they have become synonymous with this evil. This is heart-destroying for those who live in the midst of their foolishness and destruction. But…
In Luke 6:17-23, we see people coming to Jesus- to hear him, to be healed by him, to have their demons excised- and these same people, because they are poor receive God’s kingdom, because they are hungry will be satisfied, because they weep now, will find joy. Why? How?
Jesus is in charge of that world, too. He proves this by removing the Legion of demons from a man tormented by them for years, tormented so hard and often that he’d cut himself. He proves this when even his clothing has the power to heal a woman who’d been bleeding for years. Even death is no match for him- he looks at the mocking of those brought in to mourn and raises a girl from the dead.
Jesus is in charge. Not only of this seen world, but of the unseen one. As this unseen world seemingly racks up win after win, know that a reckoning is coming. This reckoning is found in Christ alone.

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