The 5 Best Habits of a Spiritually-Present Parent

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled, The 4 Worst Habits of a Spiritually-Absent Parent. Yesterday, we had a Family Dedication at our church, and I shared The 5 Best Habits of a Spiritually Present Parent.  I thought I’d post them here:

  1. Spiritually-present parents are responsible. They know that their meaning and purpose is to make disciples of their kids and families and everything that they do is oriented around this goal. Everything does not have the same level of importance and they’ll make choices to sacrifice the minor things for the major one.
  2. Spiritually-present parents are responsive. They know that what they to today matters. They commit to the things that matter most. They know the old adage, “There are two great times to plant an oak tree…20 years ago and today.” They drive a stake in the ground and maintain it.
  3. Spiritually-present parents are concerned. They do not sit idly by and watch things happen as King David did in 1 Kings 1:5 & 6. They take action because they know that there are bigger things at stake than the immediate moment. They place their role as “parent” before “friend”.
  4. Spiritually-present parents are intentional. These parents know that every moment counts. They take the words of Deuteronomy 6:4-9 seriously and seek to be faithful to making the most out of every moment.
  5. Spiritually-present parents are imperfect. These parents make mistakes. They know that they will fail, and when they do, they count on God’s mercy, grace and strength instead of their own wisdom. They don’t let the imperfections of what happened today stop them from trying tomorrow.

Be present!


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