What are you building?

My message earlier this week at Worthington Christian Church was, “It Takes 20 Years to Build a Temple” based on 2 Chronicles 1-8. The takeaway was: “work now for the inheritance to come” (1 Chronicles 28:8 from last week’s message). Here are the 4 questions from the end of the message to help us consider if we are planning for the inheritance:

1- What is God calling you to “look like” spiritually in 20 years? Parents, what is your hope for your kids in 20 years spiritually? As a body of believers, what is God vision for us in 20 years?

2- How much of what we’re doing TODAY is going to to get us to that point in 20 years? Are we busy with the important stuff, or are we merely being busy-bodies?

3- What do we need to do differently, to add, to be purposeful and intentional in being where God is calling us to be in 20 years?

4- What needs to be ejected, cut and removed from our lives? What are we doing right now that in 20 years will simply not matter? What might we look back upon and say, “Wow, what a colossal waste of time, treasure, and talent that was!”?

Living and working now for the benefit of those to come after us is not feel-good, pay-it-forward morality. It is the way of the faithful follower of Christ.


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