His sacrifice, your response

Continuing my read through Luke this morning, today was from Luke 23:26-43:

What is your response to the sacrifice of Christ for you?

Will you be like the crowd and simply observe?
Will you be like the leaders of his day and scoff?
Will you be like the soldiers, and mock?
Or will you, like the criminal, plead for mercy and ask that he remember you when he enters his Kingdom?

The forgiveness that Jesus offers is FREE. There are no strings attached, no “first, go and pay a penalty for a while.” This is ABSOLUTE and TOTAL forgiveness. How could He do this? Why would He do this?

Because he paid the penalty for us. There now literally is NO PENALTY for those who’ve accepted His sacrifice. Jesus willingly took our penalty upon Himself because His love for us was greater than His rights as God.

That’s the beauty of God’s TRUE grace. He forgives those who do not deserve it, regardless of what they’ve done, and they enter into His Kingdom on that very day- there is no waiting period or separation so “you can experience the pain of being isolated” from Him just to make sure that you’re serious.

God’s forgiveness reconciles. And people who desire to look like God pursue this radical reconciliation, even at great personal cost, because they know that God has pursued them at a cost that was beyond anything we could bear.

God desires mercy over judgment. Because of this, don’t just observe his mercy. Don’t scoff at it or mock it. And do not mistake mercy for a lack of justice as His justice put Jesus on the cross.

Instead, plead for it and join Jesus in his Kingdom. Today.


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