Screwtape, X-Mas 2015

Dear Wormwood-

I see that your patient has joined the culture war. Excellent work. The more he can post pithy sayings on Facebook about “Keeping Christ in Christmas” the better. This will give him exactly the arrogance he needs to feel better about his own participation in the sins of covetousness and greed in the coming season (no “holiday” for me, we demons know that the word “holiday” is actually another form of “holy day”). And so soon after Halloween! Your patient must have been thrilled to point out all of the supposed sinfulness of his fellow believers.

He is the living embodiment of the New Pharisee, the kind whom that cursed Paul was talking about in his little missive to the church in Corinth! They think themselves so holy by avoiding things. “In the world, and not of it” they say!

Whatever you do, keep him away from the Patheos article about the history of the phrase “X-Mas. When the Enemy stated that his sniveling little followers were to “Love the Lord your God (I tremble just writing that) with all of your heart, soul, and strength”- surely that includes their minds. But, these “believers” have largely checked their minds at the door. Why would they research anything? Isn’t easier to share a Facebook post from yet another uninformed person? Joy to the world!

Keep the pressure on. The fool actually believes he is being persecuted! This is perfect. This prevents him from thinking about the millions of his LOYAL brethren around the world who meet in small, unlit dank rooms, closets and basements. If only we could get into those places, we could really undo the work of the Enemy.

Once the “season” is over, we’ll be working on their political thoughts. There are just 367 days until the Presidential Election. Plenty of time for your patient to wrestle with the fact that his Savior spent his days caring for the marginalized, downtrodden and weak- some of whom were likely immigrants.

Your Beloved Uncle,


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