Belief and Obedience

If you “believe” in Jesus, you’ve been born of God; it’s a package deal. If you love the Father, you love the Son. And “love” is defined by “obedience” (I’ve said that before). You obey His commands if you really love him. And what’s more, these commands are not burdensome. It is not difficult to obey God, it’s not impossible. Why? Because those born of Jesus are overcomers of the world along with him. You are an overcomer every time you find victory in God. The real overcomers are the ones who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

Jesus came by both water and blood- both of these are necessary. And, the Spirit verifies this, demonstrating true accountability. To the water and blood we add Spirit and these all agree that Jesus is of God. While we can accept the testimony of man, God’s testimony is greater because of who He is and what He has said. If you believe in Jesus, you’ll find that your heart confirms this, and those who deny the WHO of Jesus accuse God of lying. Here is God’s testimony: He, God, has given us eternal life and this life is in his Son, Jesus. Those who have the Son have life, those who do not have the son do not have life.

I’m telling you all of this that you know how to have eternal life. We can confidently approach God and ask Him for all things according to his will. We’ll know that he hears when we receive what we ask for.

We will see our brothers committing sins, some of those sins lead to death, while others do not. We are to pray for him and God will give him life. For other sins, don’t just pray. While all things wrong are indeed sin, all sins do not lead to death.

Those who belong to God do not continue in sins because those born of him are safe from the evil one.

We belong to God, and the world to Satan.

We know that Jesus has come and teaches up all things- his teachings are true.

Because His teachings are true, those who adhere to them also become true. Jesus is the true God and eternal life.

Do not worship idols!

Adapted from 1 John 5.


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