The goal is conversion

Have you been converted?

There is one simple way to know.

You are obedient to Jesus. More words from John the Apostle:

I don’t want you to sin. That’s the point of this instruction.

The bad news? You will.

The Good News? When you do, Jesus is there, speaking to God for you, interceding for you because he is not only righteous, but because he paid for your sins. He does this for those that are “his”. Are you?

It’s easy to know. You are “his” if you do what he says. If you do not obey him, you’re not “his”. You cannot claim to know him then ignore him. If you are his, you walk as he did- and he walked in complete obedience to the Father.

This should not be news to those who are truly his; if you belong to him, you’ve heard it 82 million times before.

But, if it is truly “new” to you, it’s not to him. “Living life in obedience” is what Jesus was and is about; he preached it and demonstrated it. And you, if you are his, ought to be preaching and demonstrating it. An easy way to know if your relationship with your brother. Do you hate him? If “yes” then you are still in the dark. Those who truly love others live in the light and they won’t stumble.

  • I’m telling you this because your sins have been forgiven
  • I’m telling you this because you have known Jesus, forever present
  • I’m telling you this because you overcame the evil one
  • I’m telling you this because you know the Father, also forever present
  • I’m telling you this because you have incredible strength , the Word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the world!

Because it’s overcome, do not love it. If you choose “world” over “God”, you lose. You do not have the Father. How can you tell? What do you hunger for? What fills you up? To where, what and whom to you default? Remember this, God lives forever.

The end is near and antichrists are everywhere. Some even came from us. They heard the Good News, and even accepted it. Then, they left. Here’s a truth- those that left never really belonged to us. No matter the sincerity of their tears or words, actions or activities. The true believers don’t leave. Because they’ve been anointed. Blessed and covered by the Spirit.

Don’t forget what’s been poured into you from the start. If you remember, you’ll remain and have eternal life. Be wary. Of everyone and everything because people are trying to lead you astray. Always depend on the anointing; it will never lead you astray. The anointing is legitimate.

Be confident. He is righteous. His sacrifice is your righteousness. Continue.

Adapted from 1 John 2


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