Dear friends,

This is my second letter, both reminding you to think correctly. I want you to remember the words of the prophets and the commands of Jesus.

First, about “scoffers”. They are not only coming, but are present now. They ask, “Where is this Jesus? When is he returning? We’ve been waiting for years?” In doing so, they willingly forget that God created all things- the heavens, the earth, water. And with this water He flooded and destroyed the earth. He did this in the same way that he created- with words. With His same words, he now preserves the earth- not for a watery destruction but one by fire to destroy both it and ungodly men. Do these scoffers really want Jesus to return? He is coming with fire!

As you wait friends, remember this- a day is nothing to God. God has his own schedule, his own timetable. He is not demonstrating “slowness” but patience. He is waiting. Waiting for people to repent. He does not want destruction, but peace. Repentance brings about peace.

Yet, Jesus IS coming. And, when it happens, it will be quick. He will sneak in and…bam. Done. Returned. The heavens will be destroyed with a roar. The elements burned up, scalded, reduced to ash. The whole earth, everything in it and on it, laid bare for the “big reveal”- every truth about everyone and everything open, available, seen and exposed. It sill all be destroyed.

How, then, should we live in the light of this?



As though we look forward to this day because we have nothing to fear when the heavens and earth are destroyed. When we live in this way now- holy and godly- we live in the promise of God and demonstrate that we are not really “from” here, but we are looking to the new heaven and earth- the place of righteousness.

But, what does “holy” and “godly” look like?

  • Make every effort to be found spotless, blameless, at peace with God.
  • Remember God’s patience, calling you to repent.

This is the same salvation that Paul writes about in his letters and is wisdom from God (as opposed to the false prophets I’ve been warning you about). While Paul is difficult to understand at times, people take his words and twist them, just as they do with other scriptures- they do this because false prophets can make anything say and mean anything. These men are simply ignorant and unstable. And, they lead people to destruction.

Since you know all of this, as you know all other things, be on your guard and do not get carried away by the false teachers and their ways. You can lose your security.

Instead, grow in God’s grace and in the knowledge of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

To Him be glory, forever and always! Amen.

2 Peter 3- paraphrased from NIV 1984.


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