Faith is not enough

Simon Peter, servant and apostle of Jesus

To those who’ve received faith through the righteousness of Jesus

Grace and peace to you through the knowledge of God and Jesus-

God’s divine power gives us all the we need for life and godliness by our knowledge of him who called us by his glory and goodness. Through this glory and goodness He has given us promises so that we can not only participate in this same goodness and nature, but that we may escape the world’s evil corruption brought about by the evil desires of man.

Because our faith allows this escape, add to it goodness. To goodness add knowledge. To knowledge, add self-control. To self-control add perseverance. To perseverance add godliness. To godliness add brotherly kindness. To brotherly kindness add love. It is these qualities, possessed by believers in ever-increasing measure, that prevent us from being useless in God’s kingdom and in the knowledge of Jesus. And, whoever does not have them is blind to the truth, near-sighted, and forgotten than he’s been cleansed from sin.

So, be even more eager to make your calling and salvation sure. If you add these things in increasing measure, you’ll never fail and welcomed richly into God’s kingdom.

You know these things. You know you do. I know you do. Yet…even though you know plainly about faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love, even though you are established firmly in the faith, I’m going to talk about them to you. Why?

One day I’ll be gone and you’ll be tempted to forget. Plain and simple. I want you to live in them long after me. To that end, I will remind you of them as long as I am live.

Here’s the thing, we did not just make all of this- the power of Jesus, his return- we saw it. All of it. We were eyewitnesses. We were on the holy mountain and heard God’s voice clearly, audibly:

This is my Son, whom I love, with him I and well pleased

We’ve seen the words of the prophets not only come true but be made more certain and because of this, you should heed them. Pay attention to them as to a light in the darkness until you are completely taken by the light.

Above all, know that no true prophet made up his prophecies, nor were they changed by that prophet. The words were from God, delivered by the Holy Spirit.

2 Peter 1- paraphrased from NIV 1984


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