Peter, an Apostle of Jesus- To God’s people, scattered throughout the world who have been chosen by the Father through the work of the Spirit to be obedient to Jesus because of his blood, grace and peace to you:

Praise be to Jesus:

  • he gave us new birth through his resurrection
  • he gave us an everlasting inheritance
  • he shields us with his power until the final salvation

Rejoice! For while you currently endure hardship, your faith is being proven as genuine and will result in Jesus being praised. Though you’ve not seen him, your love is evident and you are filled with joy. Why? Because you are being saved. About this salvation the prophets worked hard to be faithful in their proclamations- they were actually serving you as they preached the true gospel of Jesus. Because of this, be ready:

  • be self-controlled
  • set your hope on his grace
  • be like obedient children
  • do not conform to the old ways but be holy

You call on a Father who judges fairly; live like you do not belong here and fear…because “Daddy is coming home!” You were redeemed by the blood of his son Jesus, NOT with silver or gold. Your hope is in this righteous Father. Now that you’ve been purified by obeying the truth, love one another faithfully. You’ve been born again from someone who will not perish and His word stands forever. -1 Peter 1- paraphrase from NIV 1984


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