Mark 14

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 14

Jesus defended the marginalized in society
Jesus knew that he was going to die and talked about his pending funeral
Jesus is a truth-teller
Jesus participated in the religious rituals of the day
Jesus knew he was to be betrayed
Jesus re-contextualized the Passover meal- from the Exodus and freedom from spiritual bondage to the freedom from spiritual bondage
Jesus predicted that his disciples would abandon him
Jesus asked him disciples to wait for him while he went off alone to pray
Jesus was scared and filled with sorrow
Jesus asked God to remove his burden and task from him
Jesus knew that God’s will was more important that his own desires and emotions
Jesus went to meet his betrayer
Jesus knew that the scriptures testified about him and that his obedience mattered
Jesus was taken to trial and had false testimony given against him
Jesus admitted that he was the Messiah; he was claiming to be God
Jesus was mocked, spat upon, and beaten by the council
Jesus was betrayed by Peter three times


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