Mark 13

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 13

Jesus was a teacher
Jesus warned his disciples to watch for deceivers
Jesus described what the end times would be like and told his people to not be alarmed
Jesus told his people to be on guard, and that they’d be handed over to the falsely religious leaders, and persecuted physically
Jesus told them that they’d be betrayed by family members because of him and that they are to remain firm if they are to be saved
Jesus warned them to flee when this time comes because of the great difficulty caused
Jesus warned that there would be false Christs and fake prophets during this time
Jesus said that these things were signs of his return, and that it must be waited out
Jesus said that no one knows when this will happen, not even him
Jesus said that his followers must keep watch, always on alert for him to return
Jesus told them to not be caught sleeping



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