Mark 12

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 12

Jesus taught in parables about himself
Jesus knew he’d be rejected and killed
Jesus spoke of punishment by God against those who ignored him
Jesus knew the hypocrisy of the men sent to trap him
Jesus told them to give what is owed, whether it is to Caesar or to God
Jesus amazed his hearers
Jesus was challenged by people who knew the law perfectly
Jesus was asked about the most important commandment and responded with Deuteronomy 6:4-5, then to love your neighbor as yourself
Jesus was affirmed by the asker
Jesus told the man that he was not far from God’s kingdom
Jesus was asked no more questions
Jesus taught in the temple courts, asking difficult questions and warning people against the teachers of the law who flaunted their authority and spirituality before men
Jesus was an observer and elevated the poor woman who gave little over those who gave much


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