Mark 11

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 11

Jesus sent two of his disciples ahead of him to find a colt that had never been ridden for him to use
Jesus sat on the colts and rode it into Jerusalem, where the people welcomed and worshiped him
Jesus went to the temple and looked around before returning to Bethany because of the time
Jesus was hungry and went to a fig tree to find something to eat
Jesus cursed the tree when he saw that it had no figs on it
Jesus returned to the temple, then drove people out, overturning tables and refusing to all people to carry merchandise through it
Jesus taught as he wreaked havoc in the temple
Jesus accused the priests of turning the temple from a house of prayer into a den of thieves
Jesus again left the city in the evening
Jesus returned to Jerusalem and the temple, then had his authority challenged by the chief priests, elders and teachers
Jesus challenged the religious leaders back and refused to answer their questions


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