Mark 9

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 9:

Jesus took Peter, James and John up a high mountain with him
Jesus was transfigured in front of them, his clothes becoming bright white
Jesus talked with Moses and Elijah there
Jesus was called God’s Son
Jesus told them to tell no one what had happened on the mountain top until he had returned from the dead
Jesus’ disciples did not understand what was happening with Jesus
Jesus tole them the Elijah would come first and restore all things before the Messiah came
Jesus hinted that Elijah had returned in the person of John the Baptist, and now the Messiah was present
Jesus was that Messiah
Jesus’ appearance filled the people with wonder and excitement
Jesus called the people an unbelieving generation and asked how long he’d have to tolerate them
Jesus’s appearance caused the demon to convulse the boy
Jesus said that anything is possible for those who believe
Jesus saw a crowd gathering so he quickly rebuked the demon and the boy collapsed, appearing to be dead
Jesus took the boy by the hand and stood him up
Jesus said that some demons only come out by much prayer
Jesus went to Capernum
Jesus asked what the disciples had been arguing about
Jesus sat down and told them whoever wanted to be first must be last and servant of all
Jesus took a small child and used him as an example of humility
Jesus said that whoever welcomes children would welcome Jesus, and whoever welcomed Jesus would be welcoming God
Jesus said that whoever was doing miracles for him could not be against him
Jesus is a truth teller- whoever gives a cup of water in his name will not lose their reward
Jesus said that if someone causes a child to stumble, it would be better for them to be cast into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck
Jesus said that we should eliminate everything that causes us to sin
Jesus said that everyone would be salted with fire
Jesus said that salt, once it loses it’s saltiness, cannot be made salty again
Jesus told his disciples to remain salty and at peace with one another




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