Mark 8

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 8:

Jesus called his disciples to him and told them about the hunger and lack of food for those following them
Jesus asked his disciples how much food they had with them
Jesus told the crowd to sit down
Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, broke the bread into pieces and gave them to the disciples to set in front of the people
Jesus also told the disciples to distribute the fish to the people
Jesus sent the people away full and then got into a boat with his disciples and went to Dalmanutha
Jesus was questioned by the Pharisees and tested by them
Jesus did not give into the request of the Pharisees to provide a sign
Jesus left them and crossed to the other side of the lake in a boat
Jesus told the disciples to “watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees”
Jesus was misunderstood by his closest followers
Jesus told his disciples that they had anything they could ever need in him
Jesus arrived in Bethsaida and some people brought a blind man to him so that he might be healed
Jesus took him outside the village by the hand and spit on the mans eyes and laid his hands on him
Jesus asked the man if he could see
Jesus again put his hands on the man, opened his eyes, restored his sight and then sent him away with instructions not to go into the village
Jesus then went with his disciples to the villages around Caesarea Phillippi
Jesus asked his disciples who people said he was
Jesus asked his disciples who they said he was
Jesus told them not to tell anyone about him
Jesus began to teach the disciples that he’d suffer at the hands of the religious leaders, be rejected by them, would be killed and then rise 3 days later
Jesus taught them these things, plainly
Jesus was rebuked by Peter
Jesus rebuked Peter, calling him, “Satan” and telling Peter that he had the things of man on his mind and not the things of God
Jesus called the crowd to him, telling them:
– whoever wants to follow Jesus must deny themselves, and take up their cross with him
– whoever wants to save their life will lose it
– whoever loses their lives for Jesus would save it
Jesus asked:
– why gain the whole world but forfeit your soul?
– what can you give in exchange for your soul?
Jesus said that if we were ashamed of him and his words, Jesus would be ashamed of us when he returns in the Father’s glory with the angels


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