Mark 7

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 7

Jesus allowed his disciples to eat food with unwashed hands
Jesus quoted the Old Testament when responding to critics
Jesus accused the Pharisees of choosing the traditions of man over the commands of God
Jesus told the Pharisees that they set aside the commands of God for the traditions of man
Jesus told the pharisees that their choosing of tradition nullifies God’s commands
Jesus defined what clean and unclean were
Jesus accused his disciples of being slightly stupid
Jesus said that nothing going in to a man makes him clean, but what goes out of a man
Jesus left and went to Tyre
Jesus tried to keep his presence a secret, but was found out
Jesus had a woman fall at his feet and beg him to heal her daughter
Jesus called the woman a dog for wanting what was not hers to have- salvation for people of a race different than the Jews
Jesus healed the girl because of the response from her mother
Jesus left and went to the Decapolis (Ten Cities)
Jesus met a man there who was a deaf-mute from birth
Jesus took the man aside, put his fingers into the man’s ears, and then spit and touched the man’s tongue
Jesus looked to heaven, sighed, then said, “Be opened”
Jesus healed the man
Jesus told the people not to tell anyone what had happened
Jesus’ instructions to the people were ignores
Jesus had people respond to him with amazement


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