Mark 6

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 6:

Jesus went to his hometown with his disciples
Jesus taught in the Synagogue
Jesus amazed people with his teaching
Jesus told people that he was no longer welcomed with them
Jesus could only do a few miracles there because the people lacked faith
Jesus was amazed at their lack of faith
Jesus left them
Jesus taught from village to village
Jesus called the disciples to him and then sent them out
Jesus told them to take nothing with them and to remain only as long as they were welcomed
Jesus’s name was well-known
Jesus was thought to be either the resurrected John the Baptist, Elijah, or a prophet
Jesus’ disciples reported back to him all that they had done
Jesus went away with them to hear more
Jesus had compassion on people and taught them because they were like sheep without a shepherd
Jesus told the disciples to feed the people
Jesus refused to send the people away
Jesus told the disciples to use what they had to meet the needs of the people
Jesus told the people to sit, gave thanks, and then separated the food
Jesus sent the disciples ahead of him and dismissed the crowd
Jesus was alone
Jesus saw the disciples on the lake, then went out on it, intending to pass them by
Jesus only responded to them when they saw him first
Jesus told the disciples, “it is I, do not be afraid”
Jesus got in the boat, and his disciples were amazed by him
Jesus was recognized at Gennesaret, and people brought their sick to him for healing


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