Mark 3

Things we know for sure about Jesus from Mark 3:

Jesus went to the synagogue
Jesus did things that people disliked and they sought to accuse him because of that
Jesus was closely watched
Jesus put people on the spot
Jesus asked people questions that caused discomfort, and the people would respond in silence due to their stubborn hearts
Jesus healed on the Sabbath, violating it
Jesus went away from his disciples
Jesus had many followers
Evil spirits fell down before Jesus and called him, “Son of God”
Jesus went off by himself
Jesus called certain people into a deeper relationship with him
Jesus appointed some to be apostles to be with him, to preach, and to cast out demons
Jesus changed the names of people, changing their very identity
Jesus was thought to be insane
Jesus was thought to be a demon
Jesus spoke in parables
Jesus claimed to tell the truth
Jesus justified himself
Jesus denied his own family
Jesus claimed a new family and defined them as “those who did God’s will”


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