Mark 1

Things we know for sure about Jesus:

Jesus had a forerunner (someone came before Him, announcing that Jesus was on the way)
Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit
Jesus was from Nazareth
Jesus was himself baptized in water
Jesus was descended upon by the Holy Spirit
Jesus was God’s Son, and God was pleased with him
Jesus went into the wilderness, where he was tempted for 40 days
Jesus proclaimed the Good News- “the Kingdom of God has come near”
Jesus called people to follow him, and then he sent them out
Jesus taught in the synagogue
Jesus amazed his hearers by his teaching
Jesus taught with authority
Jesus told someone to “be quiet” and then cast a demon out of him
Jesus was talked about- he had a reputation
Jesus healed many people and drove out demons
Jesus went out to a solitary place to pray
Jesus said that he had come to preach
Jesus was angry in his compassion
Jesus touched a leper (which made him unclean) and then the leper was healed (and became clean)
Jesus told this newly “cleaned” man to “tell no one” but to go go and follow the Old Testament rituals as a testimony and witness to those rules
Jesus’ instructions were ignored
Jesus stayed in lonely places


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