What we know for sure about Jesus

Back in 2007, friend Rick Lawrence wrote a book called Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry. I loved it. 2014 brought an updated version, which I recently started reading. The point of Rick’s book is to drive youth leaders to Jesus. When we are driven to Jesus, we will not only be compelled to tell others about Jesus, but we’ll be compelled to make Jesus the focus of our youth ministries.

This is the gospel: Jesus.

One of the tools that Rick gives us is this: “Based on this Scripture passage, what can we know for sure about Jesus?”

Over the next 16 blog posts, I’ll be walking through the Gospel of Mark (NIV Study Bible, 1985), responding to the above question. Perhaps, you’ll read these chapters and come up with something different, or question where I got a response. I’d love to hear about this.

With each passing day, I’m beginning to realize that I need Jesus. Not the Jesus of my parents, my Bible teachers or of my church. I need the Jesus of the Bible because Jesus can stand alone. This is not about rejecting a heritage, faith tradition or the need for community.

It’s just about Jesus.

I would love for you to join me on this journey.


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