Disputable Matters

Romans 14There are disputable matters, things not worth arguing about. While we differ on them, they have no bearing on salvation. We are to accept one another when it comes to them. One person says that their faith allows them to eat anything, while another- the one who is weak- can only eat vegetables. The one whose faith is strong- the one who eats anything- must not treat his weaker brother poorly because God accepts them both. Who are you to judge the servant of another, especially when that other master is God? Only to the master does the servant rise and fall. One person says that one day is most important, while another- the weaker, of course- says that everyday has the same value. Each should be fully-convinced in his mind. Whoever sets up one day as most important does it unto the Lord. Whoever eats meat…does so unto the Lord. Whoever abstains does so unto the Lord. None of us lives only for ourselves, and none of us dies to ourselves. When we live, we live for him. When we die, we die for him. We are His. We belong to Him. This is why Jesus came, to be the Lord of the living, to be the Lord of the dead. And you…who made you judge? Why do you hold your brother in contempt? Over food? Drink? Days of the week? We will all meet God at his judgment seat:

“As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me, every tongue will acknowledge God.”

So then, each of us will stand before him and give an account, a reason for all that we’ve done what we’ve done- what we’ve held up, what we’ve allowed to fall. Because God is our judge, let’s stay away from these disputable matters and the judgment that comes from them. Instead, decide now, right now, not to build up walls over them between yourself and others, especially your brothers and sisters in the Lord. I, Paul, am fully in Jesus and he makes me clear on these things- I can do what I want. And yet, if someone says, “Unclean” to him it is, and it’s not to be touched by him! If your brother stumbles by what you do, don’t do it. Do not destroy your brother for the sake of food. Don;t allow what is “good” to be considered “evil.” Why? God’s kingdom is not eating and drinking. Rather, it’s a Holy Spirit provided joy, peace and righteousness because all who serve Christ while also considering their brother both please God and find approval by man. Our goal is simple- to make ever effort to make peace and build up the body. Don’t destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean, but don’t eat what makes another stumble. It’s better to stay away from what’s “unclean” than to cause someone to stumble. The point- keep whatever you believe about such matters between you and God. Don’t be condemned by what you approve. If you’re not fully convinced that what you’re doing is right, you are condemned because you’re not doing so by faith. And everything not from faith, every single thing not from faith, leads to death. -Romans 14



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2 responses to “Disputable Matters

  1. Satan uses disputable matters to break unity among believers! We must not allow him to succeed. Thx for the reminder.

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