God and Authority

Romans 13All are subject to governing authorities, because God has put them all into place.

All authorities in existence, all of them, are there because God placed them. Therefore, when you rebel against them it is God whom you are really setting yourself against. When you do this, you’ll find judgment. If you do right, you have nothing to fear from these rulers. Only wrongdoers should live in fear. Real fear. Do you want a life free from fear? Do right. You’ll be commended by both God and the leaders themselves. These authorities are God’s servants meant to do good. But if you do wrong…watch out! Fear the sword that is coming because it is not wielded in vain. These leaders are God’s leaders, bringing people to justice. But, don’t simply submit out of fear of consequence, submit out of a clear conscience. This is why we pay taxes– the authorities are God’s– they devote themselves to serving both He and you. Give what is owed, whether it’s taxes, revenue or honor.

The only debt that you should bear is an indebtedness of love. When you love, you fulfill the law. The commandments,

Do not commit adultery. Do not murder. Do not steal. Do not covet.

and all of the others are summed up here:

Love your neighbor as yourself.

True love does not harm your neighbors because it is the fulfillment of the entire law.

Do this now. Love now. The time is coming and you must wake up to its inevitability. Salvation is just around the corner. As the sun cracks the sky and chases away the darkness, light is coming. Put aside the darkness and welcome the light. Do what you do in the light and avoid the things of darkness: orgies, drunkenness, sexual immorality, debauchery, dissensions and jealousy.

Rather, clothe yourselves in Christ and don’t even think about your flesh and its desires. Live in the light.

-Romans 13


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