God and his people

Romans 9I’m speaking the truth about not being separated from Christ’s love. The Holy Spirit confirms my conscience. My heart is anguished because my own people deny God’s gift of Jesus. So anguished, that I wish that I myself could be cut off for their sake and salvation. They had and have adoption, glory, covenants, divine law, temple worship and the promises. The patriarchs belong to them, and from them even Christ himself, God Over All.

This is not a failure of God’s Word. Not all who come from them are truly his. Just because they were descendents naturally does not mean they are spiritually His. With blessing comes a reckoning. It’s not natural children that are automatically His, but the children of the promise. Only when God returned did Sarah have a son.

Or, take Rebekah’s children; they had the same father. Before Jacob and Esau were even born it was stated that the older would serve the younger. Is God unjust? No. He is merciful to those that he desires to give mercy. Compassionate to whom he desires. It’s not based on man’s desire or effort, but God’s mercy alone. God said this to Pharaoh, “I raised you up, I allowed you to power so that I might show my power in you and that people would proclaim me. God is merciful to those he wishes, and hardens others. Both of these demonstrate the power of God.

In light of this hardening, “God hardens…” “Can God, then, still blame us if it is He that hardens? After all, it was/is His fault! Who can ignore Him! Predestination! God’s will!”

Wrong. God does not answer to you. He owes you, us, the unrepentant and proud, nothing. He made you. The created does not question or demand from the Creator. The potter molds the clay based on the need and desire of the creator.

What if God, in his patience, allowed people to run wild only to demonstrate his wrath and power? Could you accept this?

What if God, in his patience, allowed people to come to him only to demonstrate the true vastness of his mercy, patience and grace?

We are the objects of his mercy and grace, prepared in advance- both Jew and Gentile. God had this to say in Hosea:

I will call them “my people” who are not my people.

I Will call her “loved one” who is not my loved one.

The people who are not my people will be called “sons of God.”

Isaiah says this:

Though the Israelites are many, only the remnant will be saved.

The LORD will carry out his sentence with speed and finality.

If there were no descendents, we’d be like Sodom and Gomorrah.

What are we left with? The Gentiles receive righteousness through faith while Israel has not received it, despite their works. They stumbled over the “stumbling stone.” Isaiah, again:

I’ve laid in Zion an stone over which people will fall.

Only the ones who trust in him will never be shamed.

-Romans 9




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