Sin=death, grace=life

Romans 6

Because grace is large, should we continue to sin? NO! We’ve become alive in Christ and are dead to sin. Why would we continue to live in it? What did you imagine baptism was?

It is the dying to sin and the raising of live in and to Christ. This gives us life. If baptism is the uniting of us to Him in death, then we are also raised with him in resurrection, in life. Our old sinful self was crucified right along with him so that our bodies of death would be no more. The dead cannot be slaves to anyone or anything, especially sin! All those who’ve died with Christ have been freed, released from sin.

If we’ve died with Christ, we believe that we’ve been raised with him. Because he came back, he cannot again be killed, death cannot hold him, the resurrection proves this. Death has no claim, no reign over him. He is alive fully for God.

Because we have been raised, we are alive to God in Jesus.

Because we live, we cannot allow sin to again reign in us. We owe it no obedience.

Because we live, we do not offer our bodies to sin; we offer them to God in thankfulness and rejoicing. Rather than a usefulness to sin, our bodies are instruments of righteousness.

Sin is not our master because we are not under the law- all the law does is condemn- it cannot free us or deliver us.

Only grace does this, and the grace of God is our master. Be free!

If, then, we are under grace, should we continue to sin? No. When you give yourself up to someone, you’ve agreed to completely obey them; you are their slave. Whether to sin or grace, you serve your new master- not the other one. When sin was our master, we gave ourselves 100% to it; all-in. Wholehearted. We now have a new master; his name is righteousness and we must serve it in the same way.

This metaphor must be used so that you’ll understand. Just like you used to off up your body to sin and wickedness, now you must offer up your body to righteousness- this will lead to holiness.

What was the benefit received when you sinned? Aren’t you ashamed of those things? Why, then, remain in them? Why continue in them? They only led to your death.

You’ve been freed from them and are now slaves to your new master: God. And, we ask the same questions: What’s the benefit? What’s in it for me? Not death, but holiness. Eternal life.

The payment for your sin is and was death. But God’s gift is eternal life in Christ Jesus, our Lord.– Romans 6


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