Romans 5

Because Jesus is our justification, we can have peace with God through this same Jesus. Our faith gives us access to this grace, this gift of righteousness. We celebrate this hope and we celebrate is in our sufferings. Why?

  • Sufferings produce perseverance
  • Perseverance produces character
  • Character produces hope
  • The hope never fails and never disappoints us because God has poured out his Spirit upon us and into our hears.

This is love! Because just at the right time, when we were weak, Christ died for the weak. Rarely do people die for a righteous man, although some will die for a good man. God showed his love for us by dying for us- a people separated from him by our sins.

Since God alone justifies, we are saved from his wrath. We are more than saved; we are reconciled with Him, permanently. This should cause us to rejoice, not merely accept.

God reconciled us to him through one man, just as sin entered the world through one man. Before the law was given, death existed and the penalty was simple: death. This death was encountered by all from Adam to Moses. Adam broke a law, and all paid for it. this was merely a consequence.

But God’s gift, reconciliation, is not like this. It goes beyond consequence; reconciliation is a purposeful gift, also available to all, and overflowing. The consequence of one man’s sin was, and is death- condemnation. God’s gift followed after many sins and brought us righteousness with God.

If the penalty for sin is the death of all, how much greater is the grace of God after many sins? Should we not have multiple deaths? More pain? More agony? Instead, we find grace. Mercy. Righteousness. Justification. Why? Because Jesus is grace. Jesus is mercy. Jesus is righteous. Jesus is just.

The law came along so that we’d do more than simply die. It came to reveal to us our need for both reconciliation and reconciler. We’d continue to sin and sin, death upon death, our awareness that something was wrong would build and build until it breaks in the righteousness offered by Jesus. Regardless of the sin count. -Romans 5


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