God’s Law

Romans 2Because you are without excuse, your judgment of others is actually a condemnation of self. God’s judgment is based on truth because of his innocence. Do you think you’ll escape this truth? Or…do you hate him? Ignoring his patience and mistaking it for acceptance? Because you ignore him, and willfully so, His wrath is started against you. You’ll be judged by your words. To those who know their place, He’ll give eternal life. For those who ignore Him, there is death, anger and wrath. Trouble and distress are upon all those who are evil, and glory to all who are good. This is God’s impartiality.

All who sin without the law perish without it. All who sin under the law will be judged by it. It’s not the hearers of the law, the ones who simply acknowledge it’s existence, who are saved, who are righteous. It is those who obey it that God declares righteous. When those who do not have the law live by it, they demonstrate a knowledge and awareness of God (See Romans 1:19-20). This acting out, this ignorant obedience shows a) God’s law on their hearts and b) either condemns or defends them. this will be revealed when God’s judgment falls not only on actions, but words and inward thoughts. To those who believe they’re “in”:

  • if you rely on the law and brag about your status with God,
  • if you know the law and honor His words,
  • if you are convinced that you have all the answers,
  • if you are a light in the darkness, a teacher to the unknowing…

Are you paying attention to your own words? To what you are telling others?

  • You warn others against stealing, do you take what is not yours?
  • You rail against adultery, what do you do in secret and in the dark?
  • You hate idols, what do you give your time, treasure and talent to? That is worship!

You brag about the law, talk about it, share it and pass it on. But, because your very words and actions are not aligned, God’s name, character and identity are blasphemed, doubted and scorned. The law has value but only if it is kept in whole. Those who keep it and live according to it will receive their “due” reward. And, those wicked pagans, those who do not outwardly keep the law, but are changed inwardly, will actually sit in judgment on the “good” believers– the ones who know when to sit and stand, who attend all of the services and have the perfect attendance awards to prove it (Romans 2:27). God’s people are not his people because they merely look the part. God’s people are his because they have a new heart, cut by him, laid bare by the Spirit. God’s people are his solely because they are new on his terms. And, God will praise you. -Romans 2


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