Derek Webb- “Heavy”


Over the past 2 months, Derek’s upcoming  release, “I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry and I Love You“, has been the soundtrack for my life. This morning, I’m sitting at Starbucks, spending time in scripture. The OCA daily read is from 2 Corinthians 1:1-7 and Matthew 21:43-46 (I just read the epistle and gospel). The epistle reading is all about the grace, mercy, peace and comfort received by us from God and how we are to pass that on in the midst of affliction, both ours and the affliction of others. In the gospel text, Jesus is confronting the Pharisees and has just told them that he is the stone rejected by the builders (the Pharisees); but the joke’s on them because he is the very cornerstone for the building. He is the most important thing in the building itself. Because they’ve rejected Him, the kingdom goes elsewhere (the Gentiles). But, there’s more…the stone remains, cast of and rejected. Jesus continues, “And whoever falls on this stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder.

As I sat pondering these thoughts, the song “Heavy” plays in the background…the chorus repeating and haunting, calling to me:

“so I try to make light of things
I can’t deny are so heavy
whose weight is so great that your body is crushed underneath
yet i stand on your grave and I claim I am tall and I’m steady
but tell the truth I’m bound to fall on you”

The burden and yoke of Jesus is light and easy, falling on him, while breaking us, makes us his, his to repair and fix. Yet, when these same burdens and yokes fall on us, like a rejected cornerstone- the strongest part of the entire building, we lie crushed underneath, ground to powder- unable to be restored.

May we all fall on him as we seek to be givers of grace, mercy, peace and comfort to those afflicted, as we once were.


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