“I was wrong, I’m sorry and I Love you.”

i was wrong - album coverI remember when MFP brought a promo copy of Derek Webb‘s She Must and Shall Go Free home from his job at the Christian bookstore in Sioux Center that we not-so affectionately called “The Ark”. 2003-2005 was a serious time of reflection and spiritual growth for me and Derek was right there in the midst of it, along with David Bazan and Pedro the Lion. MFP and I would spend hours listening to music, talking about scripture and what they meant to is.

Derek continued to release music, each album more intense and further off the beaten path of what many call Christian music. His music would eventually not be carried by Christian chains because he had the audacity to use biblical metaphors describing unfaithful believers as “whores” and even using the word “shit” on an album. Derek just completed a tour which celebrate the 10-year anniversary of She Must and Shall Go Free. When I saw him in Naperville, he said that this album was one that he could legitimately sing 10 years later and still mean every single word. Which brings us to I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry and I Love You.

I recently had the pleasure to be selected to serve on Derek’s launch team for the new album; I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and have only recently begun to dig in. It’s written as a follow-up to SMASGF,  I’ll say this, the lyrical content is just as challenging as anything he’s written, and musically it fits right in with his earlier stuff. Over the next few weeks, I’ll spend some time with and through the album, posting thoughts here. The title track, “I was wrong, I’m sorry, and I love you” is right where it needs to be…at the beginning because attempts at reconciliation belong after the apology.

There are plans to release a video for each song, with 2 currently available.You can pre-order the album now, in at least 10 iterations, here. The pre-order gives you immediate access digitally to the music.


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