This morning I was in the midst of the Saturday long-run. It was especially long…I’m breaking in a hydration belt (Yep, I just became one of “those” runners) and was having all sorts of trouble navigating the “take out energy gel” process of unzipping, adjusting, drinking. replace bottle” fiasco. My RunKeeper app on my phone paused and my Garmin did to, at different points.

Very first-world problem-ish.

Anyway..I was heading down a hill and another runner was coming up, she was struggling a bit, like we all do. A faster runner passed her going up, and as we crossed, I heard her sigh. The phrase “The Hills are Where Heroes are Made” popped in to my head. I wish that I had told her that.

I need to hear and remember this phrase, often. Hills suck, but they harden us, reveal our character and our moxie. We top them, and feel like nothing can stop us. And there, off in the distance, is another…waiting to be conquered.

Hills are where heroes are made.


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