I was driving back to Naperville from Cedar Rapids yeasterday. Mid-afternoon, I was following my Twitter feed, and reports came in about two explosions 4 hours and 9 minutes-ish into the Boston Marathon. I listened to the horror unfold on the radio for 2.5 hours.

My wife called, asking if I had heard the news. I was stunned, tears welling up, silent.

When I got home, I watched the news with our youngest, John, 14 years old. We saw pictures and video. It was terrible. Because I had an early morning, I hadn’t run yet, so I went out for a quick almost-3.

The hashtag #runforboston started showing up, and last night…it came to me. On my mind were the thousands who had finished and the thousands who had not. On my mind were the families on the blast zone, celebrating. Waiting. Watching. The ones that would never run again. The ones that could not finish due to the course being closed. I created an event on Facebook…the instructions were simple:

It’s simple…if you’re a runner, the next 26.2 aren’t about race prep, monthly mileage or self. It’s about our brothers and sisters, the ones we don’t know but share a bond with.

Run for the ones for whom today’s 26.2 might have been their last, and for the ones that didn’t finish.

Run it in 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.

Just run.

As of right now…there are 4,000 plus running for Boston. If they all run 26.2 miles…and they will, that’s 104,800 miles.

You should join us.

Just click here.



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