“Why are you standing here?”

Their Story

The apostles have had an incredible 40-ish days. Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem to much acclaim. Four days later, he was hanging on a cross, bleeding to death, stuck to a cross. Soon he was dead. Scared, they did what any of us would do; they hid. Within two days, the incredible happened…He was alive. Over the next six weeks, He’d appear to all of the disciples and many others, five hundred in all. And, they still did not get it.

In Acts 1, we find Jesus and the disciples together; they asked about whether or not He’d restore the kingdom of Israel. He responded by telling them to wait in Jerusalem because the Holy Spirit would soon come and be upon them. And then…He left. (He flew, actually). Literally.

What did the disciples do next? What any of us would do. They stood there, looking into the sky, because that’s what you do when someone flies. Then, two men in white appear, asking, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into heaven? This Jesus, who was taken up into heaven, will come in the same way you saw him go into heaven.” In other words…”Go to Jerusalem and wait.” Just ten days later, when the believers were gathered together, what Jesus promised took place. The Spirit descended upon them, and because of it, three thousand were added to their number…that day. Boom.

Our Story

This past weekend, we celebrated the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. He’s departed, and we’ve been given specific direction to receive the Spirit and then, be his witnesses in our homes, our neighborhoods, our workplace, our cities, states, nation and the entire world.

My fear is that many of us are waiting and watching for the kingdom of God to be restored. My fear is that we’ve just sang some songs, heard messages proclaiming His resurrection, and then, we just go back to busyness as usual. We fit Him in just like we didn’t before. My fear is that we’re no more interested now in discipling our families than we were before. My fear is that we are not being witnesses outside our homes because we’re not witnesses inside them. Perhaps…we’re not witnesses because there’s nothing to witness. We tell no one the story because, there’s no story to tell.

The Story

Have we received the Spirit? Have we experienced His power? Are we living in the promise? If the answer is “yes”, then let’s stop looking into heaven, because there is witnessing to do. Beginning at home, and going outward to our neighborhoods, jobs, towns, state, nation and the world. This is God’s plan to bring people to him. WE are His plan. Be filled, and speak.


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