Pastoral Love Languages, part 2

Here’s an addendum from yesterday’s post.

Tell me what you like when giving me feedback. Recently, someone told me that they liked the way I used the “expository” preaching style. This was encouraging.

Be gentle when you tell me what I can do differently. Contrary to my outward projection, I tend to take things very personally.

At our Encounter event, the question was asked “How do we (pastors at NCC) keep our spiritual tanks filled?” Here are my thoughts:

  • I read my Bible most days of the week. I really struggle on Mondays- my day off.
  • My prayer life is not consistent. Actually, it is consistent…consistently poor and unstructured. I’d love to hear from you on how you maintain this discipline.
  • I run.
  • I have conversations with people about the faith. These chats sharpen me and, often, challenge me to think more deeply about what and why I believe.
  • I listen to music that proclaims Jesus.

I don’t like feeling like I’m being put “on the spot” in front of a group of people. When I sense that I’m asked a “Gotcha!” question, I’ll lean towards getting defensive, and you’ll likely feel that I’m not being honest with you. Back to yesterday’s post, if you have a question that might fit into this category, come and ask me personally. And, I’ll likely ask you why you want to know.

When I lived in Cedar Rapids, I had multiple opportunities to share with people that I was a youth pastor. We’d talk a little about church, and then, they’d inevitably ask something like, “When is youth group, and what do you do for the rest of the week?” I often felt like I was on trial when I was asked that question.

Maybe, it’s your question.We should get together and talk about it in person.



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