“How can we pray for you?”

Ever since my post last week, I’ve had a great many people ask, “How can we pray for you?”

In the week or so since the post, I’ve thought a lot about how I might respond.

The Cancer Situation

1- Of course, we’d like for there to be no cancer; so, pray for there to be no cancer.
2- If there is cancer, we’ll be up for months of treatment, likely surgery, chemotherapy and then radiation; so, pray that the treatment goes according to plan.
3- We’d appreciate prayers of strength for our family during this time. Like the last time, there will likely be times of stress, fear, depression…we’ll be on the emotional roller coaster; so, pray that God would reveal His peace to our family, pray that our children would not fear.

The Housing Situation

1- We’ve been here in the Chicago area for six months now. Our house has yet to sell, and attempts to rent it have thus far led to one phone call; so, pray that we find some closure with our house.
2- The need for us to find our own space is becoming greater. It’s funny, but we’ve begun to accumulate things, and space is becoming a premium. Our hosts are fantastic, and six months is a lot of time; so, pray that we can find a space that will be within our budget and will meet our needs.
3- With the possibility of cancer looming and our housing needs colliding with the onset of winter and a holiday schedule at church, timing will get tight for these things to occur; so, please pray that the timing on these issues would be revealed.

Here’s what Anne and I would love beyond all of those specific prayers:

Please pray that God alone would be glorified.

This is the primary prayer for us, because when we pray for a house sell (as we’ve done) and for the cancer not to return (currently undetermined), when those specifics don’t happen, it honestly causes me to ask “Where is God? Why is this not happening?” It causes me all sorts of inner-anxiety. Yet…

When we pray for God to be glorified, that is a prayer that will always, always be answered. Scripture tells us that we are to praise God in all circumstances, despite all circumstances. When God is glorified, it really doesn’t matter whether or not our home sells. When Anne had cancer the last time, it truly was the best thing to happen to our family; it united us and drove all of us to dependence on God; we saw Him work in and through it.

What if God had answered our prayer to avoid cancer? Would our family have grown? Would our understanding of God as Provider been enlarged?

What if God has not allowed our home to sell because His plans are better than my mere plans of getting out of a mortgage?

So pray. Pray for specifics, if you must. But, pray MORE that He would be glorified. Then…watch as He is.


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One response to ““How can we pray for you?”

  1. Amy

    I will be praying. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I appreciate your willingness to see Him working in all that is. I am inspired to do the same.

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