Where I’ve been

Since August 27th, I’ve…

drank a lot of coffee.

run over 100 miles.

been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis.

preached a 5 week series on Milestones at NCC.

been to Colorado and back for the SYMC 2013 planning summit.

listened to the new Mumford & Sons 14 or 15 times.

been thinking about the phrase “Cultural Architecture.” Specifically, how does one create a culture with the intentionality of an architect that creates a physical building? I had a great talk with an old friend this morning. He’s got first-hand experience in architecture, specifically with creating and integrating software applications for that world. I asked him if there were principles of architecture that all architects begin with as they envision a physical structure. He pointed me to Vitruvius. Vitruvius has six principles of architecture:

  1. Order
  2. Arrangement
  3. Eurythmy
  4. Symmetry
  5. Propriety
  6. Economy

Amidst my the tasks of my “day job” over the next few weeks, I’ll spend some time unpacking these and their implications for the church.



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