Seeing, Hearing, Understanding

In Matthew 13, Jesus says that the senses of some are so spiritually dull that they will see and hear God at work, but that they will be unable to understand.  Despite literal experiences of the power and majesty of God, people will refuse to act on them.

Then, this shoe drops.  He tells the disciples, that there were even some prophets and righteous people who were unable to see and understand, despite their desires to do so.  Now, the easy way out here would be to say that Jesus was talking about Himself as the thing desired; that is to say, “The prophets and righteous men desired to see the Messiah, but they did not.”

The more difficult reading says this, “Some people, despite seeing and hearing, despite the experiencing of the work of Jesus…would still face a lack of understanding and perception about what that experience really meant or means.  They still will not know the purpose.”

This does not eliminate the experience of God, or even say that those people are not experiencing salvation…it just means that they will never know the greater things behind their experience.  They are still prophets, and still righteous…it is not for them to know why.

The satisfaction in this is the experience of God Himself.  This is the epitome of trust, that He has control, that He’s not caught off guard or unawares.

That the experience of Who God Is would be enough.


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