Daily Readings, June 10 2012

Ephesians 6:18- Pray in the Spirit, in all times and in all ways for all believers.

Romans 2:28-3:18- The true believer is the one made righteous internally by Christ.

Matthew 6:31-34; 7:9-11- Jesus knows what we need, prayer for His Kingdom and righteousness instead (see Romans 2:28-3:18, above).

Ok.  I’m really in the midst of this.  In James 4, we read that “we don’t have because we don’t ask of God.”  And then, “when we do ask, we don’t receive…why? Because our motivation is wrong!”  This is…confusing, maddening, frustrating.  I mean, I intellectually assent to the fact that Jesus knows what I have need of.  And, I want to make this about food, clothes, a place to lay my head.

Which…is what Jesus says that the pagans worry about.  Wow.  That Romans text (above) really is right.  I truly am unrighteous, absence the righteousness of Christ.

What is most bothersome about this is that I can seek out the righteousness of Christ and His kingdom in my life, and still not sell my house, or have food or have clothes.  Which, really breaks it down doesn’t it?  It really makes clear the call of Christ on our lives, and the call to righteousness and perfection unattainable except through the One That Makes Me Whole.

And, I still want to make it about selling my house because I’m still asking the question “Does this mean I should not ask of God, will you sell my house?”.


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