This is John and his new action set, the Elephant from the HALO video game series.  It is made up of 1273 separate pieces. The kid is awesome.  He has a Facebook page setup here.  You should check it out.

Up by 5:30 am and went out this morning for a pretty dark 2-miler.  This was my 6th run in my Vibrams, my legs are feeling pretty good.

Back home, threw some clothes in the wash, finished packing and loaded the van up for the drive to Naperville.  It was sad and emotional.  I’ll be back to Iowa in a few weeks to trade vehicles.  Left home around 7:15, stopped at Starbucks for a coffee on the way out of town.  A few stops and I made it to Naperville at 11:30.  Unloaded the van, lunch with Neil, Jon, Marco and Clark at 5 Guys.  Went back to church for some time spent in my new office and some chat time with Neil.  Over to Marco’s house (where I’m staying for the next few months); read Hunger Games, then had dinner.  A few guys that work for Marco are in town on their way to a job, so we spent some time chatting over dinner.  Marco’s a neat guy with an amazing testimony about how God has worked in his life.  Between Marco (and his wife Diane), Neil, Jon and the guys here, there is a lot of ministry happening and I am encouraged to be here.

Spoke with Katie for a few minutes today; she leaves for Mexico City for her “week of e” with Lincoln Christian University tomorrow.  She will be back next Friday evening, and she’ll spend Easter weekend here in Chicago and then I’ll take her back to LCU on Easter.

I think I get to sleep in tomorrow, up for a run, and then off to set up a bank account and then to meet with Neil early-afternoon.  Until then.


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