t-minus 6 days

Middle school youth group was a blast last night.  Zac taught and did a solid job.  God’s not done here.

After YG, went out with some of the middle school leaders to Dairy Queen, where we learned that you must be in a car in order to use the drive-thru.

Submitted my final paper today.  Unless it’s a disaster, I’ll have two little letters after my name after April 28th.

I ran with a friend this morning.  When I first came to CR in November of 2005, I got connected with Mark Forstrom at the Cedar Rapids Youth Worker Fellowship.  I’ve been a lousy participant in that group for the last year, but Mark has demonstrated God’s faithfulness to me by staying in touch.  He is an encouragement to me to remain faithful to God’s call for faithfulness as my response to Him.

Called a realtor today, meeting with him tomorrow to list the house and no doubt find out all the things that need to be done so that we can sell it.

Starting to get more emails from Naperville.

Stopped in to see Bill (Eastview’s pastor) at home.  He was in a bicycle accident Tuesday night, and except for bumps, bruises, scrapes and some ligament damage, he’s ok.

Getting ready for Sunday.  Teaching Sunday school, giving the children’s message in church, and having an exit interview as the sermon celebrating what God has done over the past 6.5 years.


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