Where were you hiding when the storm broke?

Mark 16 begins with the scene above.  The Sabbath is past, and Mary, Mary and Salome go to the tomb where they assume the Body of Christ remains.  Why?  To apply the burial spices to the body of Jesus.

A further read of Mark 16 finds some of  the disciples “walking out in the country” and others “eating.”

I find the contrast stunning.

Since the Bible is not just “their” story, but ours.  I’ll put the cookies on the lower shelf.

Some people, after encountering Jesus, want everything to do with Him.  They’ll go where they’re not welcome to worship Him.  They will face down the Roman soldiers to anoint Him.  They wake up early.  The first thing that they think of after being away from Him after just a day and a half is how to be back with Him.  They are willing to make themselves unclean, just to be in His presence.

For others, they encounter Him and go back to business as usual.  They travel and go on their way.  They eat and drink as if there was no encounter.  It is only after He speaks firmly to them that they awake from their slumber and become obedient to Him.

God, grant me the faith of Mary, Mary and Salome!  Speak firmly to those that lack it!  Bring us all into obedience with you!  May we go out and preach everywhere!  Work with us, and back up your word by signs that go with it!


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