Resignation Notice

Today was the day.  We shared with Eastview that we were leaving. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our family, for Eastview Christian Church, and Naperville Christian Church as we transition.

Here is the text of my resignation notice:

Dear Eastview Christian Church Family,

More than 6 years ago, our family received one of the biggest blessings of our lives, the opportunity to serve alongside you in ministry.  Over these past 6 years, Eastview and Marion have been home to our family.  We are in love with the people of this church, this community and especially the amazing kids that come and worship here.  I am writing to tell you that my time at Eastview Christian Church is coming to a close.  God has called our family to the next season of our life.
I have accepted the position of Pastor of Family Ministries at Naperville Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois.  My last Sunday at Eastview will be March 25, 2012.
This announcement comes with a wide range of emotions.  We are excited for what God has in store for us as we have spent much time in prayer over this decision.  Our top priority has been and will be to follow Him.  We are also sad over leaving a place that we love deeply and where we are loved.  Please understand that this decision has not come lightly, and in so many ways, we are trying to honor God and the people He has asked us to serve.  The same God who brought us to Eastview is urging us to move on.  It is our desire to be obedient to this urging that is calling us away.
Since God is moving us away from Eastview Christian Church, then He is certainly doing something new in the youth ministry here.  It is my urgent and persistent prayer that we as individuals and as the larger body of Christ will be patient on the Lord as He shapes this youth ministry and does new and exciting things in Cedar Rapids, Marion and Eastview Christian Church.  I am confident that the leaders that work with our students will minister faithfully.
These 6 years I have served at Eastview have been sacred.  Eastview has allowed me great freedom in the pursuit of ministering to students.  Thank you for letting me be part of your families.  Thank you for letting me walk alongside your children and encourage their faith.  Thank you for all the conversations, meals, and moments shared.
Thank you all for the ways that you have blessed us.  There is not enough space in this letter to write all the ways this congregation has blessed my family over the past 6 years.  You are a great church and we will always consider you family.  May God bless you as you move forward in the Lord and know that Eastview Christian Church will always hold a special place in our hearts.
I’d love to connect with you about any questions, comments, or concerns..

Peace and Grace,

John Mulholland
Next Generations Minister


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  1. My prayers with you and your family as well friend. God bless you.

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