On Community


Nate and I were at Starbucks in Sioux Falls today; they are hiring and had a few posters in their entryway as advertising.  The entire sticker read,

“An opportunity

to be more than an employee

to be a partner”

The other sticker read “Come and be part of something bigger than yourself.

The cynical among us (that’s me!!) are tempted to dismiss this kind of talk.  And yet, this taps into something that we in the church might (and SHOULD) learn from. 

I returned to my in-laws home today to find Ed Stezter’s blog post entitled “Answering Questions People Really Ask“.  The gist is that people are not talking about “going to heaven” when they die, rather, they are looking for, you guessed it…community, participation, purpose.  Starbucks seems to grasp the concept.  What might it look like for our churches to meet the real need for community…the one that only a Body of Christ can meet?



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4 responses to “On Community

  1. Good question. If we as the church were the kind of community we were supposed to be, hmm… If you haven’t already read “Youth Ministry 3.0,” by Mark O-something, you might want to check it out. He has some interesting thoughts along these lines.
    Philip – http://www.philip-bloggled.blogspot.com

  2. xjm716

    I think that there are a lot of people saying the same thing, we’re all just waiting and hoping for things to change. Have you read Ministry Mutiny by Greg Stier?

  3. Very well said…isn’t it strange how often church is compared to Starbucks? I mean, except for the actual quality of the coffee.

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