The Gospel According to Coke Zero

This is one of my favorite commercials.

I see a believer receiving plain-vanilla salvation…an eternal reward of heaven, but then…not being satisfied, he says “and..?” and receives life to the fullest.

I see a person searching and searching for fulfillment, not found in food, sports or cheap sex…but in a drink.

I see a person living in the expectancy of an ultimate fulfillment.

I see a person, once he finds fulfillment in Christ alone, offer a “thanks”, knowing that his quest for self-satisfaction is done.

I see a church offering the worship and sacrifice of Christ, and a consumer church culture that looks at it and says “Is that all you got?”  And then, the church responds, “Oh, right…” and then caters.

I see a selfish believer.

I see a believer, going through life one spiritual high after the next, never satisfied with Christ, who promises to be our fulfillment.

I see a God who is willing to give, if we would simply ask.

I see God, when we show up on Sunday for the show, bringing the bare minimum, not as “all we have” but as “all we’re willing to give”…and he simply looks down and says, “And…?”

I’m curious…what do you see?



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4 responses to “The Gospel According to Coke Zero

  1. You see a lot of types don’t you? Good stuff.

    I guess I see, when I look in the mirror, a little bit of all of these. We’re a complex mixture we humans. But the one I want to be is the one satisfied by Christ.

  2. I see Adam asking “And?” and taking a bite.

    I see “and”s in the mirror.

    I see “Christmas ands” all over the place wrapped in pretty paper and lights.

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