Time flies…

I’ve been at Indiana Wesleyan University for the past several days taking a class called “Narrative Preaching”.  In short, it’s a step away from the typical linear preaching model; it views the given text in light of the story of the Gospel.  It involves plot, setting, conflict, climax and resolution.  This is a lot like our lives.  The thing that provides tension it it is the reconciliation between teaching a truth clearly and leaving it up to the individual to discern what has been/is being communicated.  The resolution for this is a “both/and”; I just need to do some more thinking.  I’m giving my message this morning, in a few hours.

While at IWU, I stayed on the campus of something called New Horizons Youth Ministries; located a few miles away from Marion Indiana, it’s a few buildings in the woods.  Like the rest of the Midwest, it has rained almost every night.  Monday, we lost power, so it was unnerving being in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere, something out of a horror movie.  There is another guy here, also taking a class; he is in the Assemblies of God.  Last night, we ate dinner together on campus, and we had a great discussion about the future of student ministry, and specifically, what I feel is our call to minister to families at Eastview.  He pushed back on me which was great, it was nice to talk to someone that was emotionally unengaged to Eastview.

I completed my theology of worship class, and Power, Change and Conflict Management began.  Once completed, I will have just 3 classes left.  It is hard to believe that this is coming to a close.

Summer camps are just a few weeks away.  After that, vacation. I am on the rebound fro my knee issue earlier in May.  The 12-miler is next Saturday, and I’m not sure if I am going to run.  The Cedar Rapids Run the Flood is the Saturday after, so I think I just may do that.  There is a household project that I need to do, so next Saturday might be it.

Schedule for the day: shower, pack, then have breakfast and give my message in class.  After that, a 7.5 hour drive home and family time.


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