A brief update


My Theology of Worship class is coming to an end.  I have 8 days to write a 15-page final paper.  The topic?  The Four Streams of Old Testament Worship and Their Import for Today.

Starting next Thursday, I start Power, Change and Conflict Management.  When that class is done, I will only have 3 classes left.  Hard to believe.

I’ll be at Indiana Wesleyan University from May 23-27 for an intensive class called Narrative Preaching.  I have 4 books to read before the 23rd and a 3-page book review is due on each of those 4.


My hopes of making it through 2011 injury-free are dashed.  A few weeks ago, on my 10-miler, I began to have a lot of knee pain.  I cut back my running dramatically and have just been riding the bike for the last week.  I’m hoping to start running again next week, but the 12-miler Dam to Dam that I signed up for in June is out.  I know exactly when, where, and how I went wrong in building my mileage last month, and won’t do it again.  I’m going to find a true half-marathon to prepare for in the Fall, and this time, I’ll do it right.


Both winding down and building up.  Our weekly programs are coming to an end in the next 7 days, but my first camp week is just a month away, to be immediately followed by my second camp week.  After that, I’ve got a free calendar until the end of July, when we take some high school students to Colorado for our Week of Hope service trip.


Katie will be home for the Summer at the end of next week.  Nate is having surgery on his ear, he has a cyst that needs to be removed.  John is…John.  We started watching 24 together last week.  Anne is done at Catherine’s and likes Brueggers.  At the end of June, we are going on vacation; the destination is a cabin in Wears Valley Tennessee, near Gatlinburg.  Swimming, fishing, jacuzzi, and a whole-lot of doing nothing.  Internet-free, as well.  We are really looking forward to getting away.



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2 responses to “A brief update

  1. Dude, sorry to hear about the knee. I sit here nursing my stress fractured calcaneus and commiserate.

  2. xjm716

    I did a brief test run last night, barefoot even and up a hill to see if I felt the slightest twinge. I did not, so I think I’ll start off easy next week. There is a 5k on the 21st that I’m going to go for if my knee plays nice.

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