Every few months, a guy that I’ll call “Stan” stops by Eastview.  He’s got a pretty storied life, your typical “down on his luck” kind of thing. In my sinfulness, I’ll confess that Stan has at times driven me crazy.  Today was different.

He was telling me about Scripture that he’s been reading, specifically from 2 Samuel 6 when Uzzah tried to steady the ark that was being wrongfully carried on a cart.  He gave me some back story and wondered if the Philistines had touched and looked in the ark when they had it; if so, had they died?  He said that the ark represented the fellowship between God and man, the top of the ark was gold, representing God and the bottom was earth and wood, representing man.  Again, the ark was about fellowship.  Stan then made an interesting statement about the Philistines, he said, “They just wanted the box, not the fellowship with God.”

I wonder, how many of us forsake fellowship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for a limited understanding of God?


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