“If only…” Some thoughts on SYMC 2011

I’ll post a more linear recap of Simply Youth Ministry Conference 2011 later in the week.  In the meantime…

“If only…”

Throughout the weekend, that statement was in the minds of many of those in attendance at SYMC 2011.

“If only…Tim Timmons led worship at our church.”

“If only…we had a youth minister (or sponsor) like her.”

“If only…I attend this workshop, or teaching session, or peer-panel.”

Monday morning, I was having my own little “If only…” moment, and to be transparent, it was the first one I mentioned.  I was standing there, being led by Tim Timmons, and that very thought started creeping out.  And then, I looked at the words being sung. While the song is too new for me to find and post lyrics, it said something like this, “What if we believed the Jesus was the Son of God?  What if we lived like that?  What if we loved like that?

Here’s a few new “If only…” statements:

If only we were in love with, and lovers like Jesus.

If only salvation brought transformed lives, rather than hypothetical conversations.

If only we loved Jesus, then finding more volunteers would be a moot point.

If only we were obedient to the call for unity, we would not have to worry about carpet color, music style or Sunday dress code.

When Doug Fields was at the end of his message yesterday, he turned to Tim and simply asked the following, “Can we close by just singing about Jesus?”




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